Palapa Kings™ mission is to build the most authentic palapa structures in the world,

 using only the best quality materials and skilled craftsmanship available and to

 provide unsurpassed service to each and every customer.

Palapa Kings Inc. is based out of Oceanside, CA a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean. Our 8,000 sq. ft. facility allows us to produce quality Palapas for major Hotel/restaurant chains and to the individual homeowner. Our employee’s take pride in the quality workmanship and service they provide to every customer.

ap_palapa-kings-facility-lg (1)After several trips to tropical locations spending days with family and friends under palapas we wanted to re-create that relaxed and laid back atmosphere in our own backyards. Palapa Kings was established in 1996, with the idea of our motto, “Take a Permanent Vacation” in mind.

We are well aware of today’s busy schedules, work demands, deadlines and family activities consuming the majority of the day, every day, at some point, individuals, couples or families should be able to relax and interact in their own backyard and where better then under a palapa, to put you in that “Vacation” mode. Take it from us, we’re daily users!!!!

Palapa Kings Inc. Contractor License
# 880519 C-5
License Bond # 10134707
Workers Compensation Liability Insurance
XJUB-3915T42-7-16 (AMTrust 6528366)
General Libility 680-2H496913-16-47
Palapa Kings Employees

Certified in the following:
* Fire Retardant Application Certification
* Osha Construction Safety and Health
* Excavation & Trenching Safety
* Hazards Safety
* Hand and Power Tools
* Hazard Communication
* Electrical Safety
* Fall Protection
* Injury and Illness Prevention
* Personal Protective & Lifesaving Equipment
* Flame Retardant Application