These thatch panels are made up of layers of small reed indigenous to South Africa. The reed is bonded with a polyurethane mix, which makes the panels completely flexible. Reed thatch provides excellent thermal efficiency, is rot and mildew resistant and perfect for adverse climates. Our Palapa tops are extremely durable in windy conditions.

Durability 6-12 years, 99% waterproof, wide variety of sizes available, custom wood frame structure.

• Food Courts            • Casinos
• Beaches                  • Themed Attractions
• Pools                       • Restaurants
• Parks                       • Water Parks
• Hotels

Part # RDPLP9 – 9 ft. Diameter Reed Palapa Kit             $1299.00 + S&H

Part # RDPLP11 – 11 ft. Diameter Reed Palapa Kit $1699.00 + S&H


• Simple do-it yourself installation
• Takes less than 2 hours
• No special tools required
• Prefabricated wood frame
• Clip-on thatch panels
• Step-by-step instructions included with each kit
• Fire Retardancy available
(see fire retardancy info)

• Custom staining available, call for pricing