Reed thatch panel is aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, practical, versatile, and easy to install. This simple to install do-it-yourself thatch roofing can be easily installed without specialized tools or training. The reed thatch can be innovatively used in a number of applications. With excellent thermal efficiency, rot and mildew resistant, extremely wind resistant and maintenance free. The life expectancy averages 10 years.

• Reed Panel width 31″
• Reed Panel length 17″
• Thickness of bound edge 1″
• Weight 11 lbs.


Part # RDPNL– 31″ x 17″ Replacement Reed Panel
$29.00 + S&H                  [photo]



• Easy Do-it-yourself
• No special skills needed
• Can be installed in straight lines or irregular shaped
• Minimum pitch 15 degrees for increased longevity
• Install in layered courses with 5″ overlap
• Vertical and horizontal furring strips raise the panels above any       solid substrate preventing damming, and allows the panels to       breathe increased longevity
• Fire Retardancy available
(see fire retardancy info)

To calculate number of panels needed:

Divide roof area by 2.5 to get number of panels needed